Where it all began

Opened in 2006

Originally envisioned as a purpose-built haven for international trainees, Clearway Accommodation Campus has evolved into a remarkable destination that captivates guests with its idyllic charm and warm hospitality. The roots of our story trace back to 2006 when the 200-bedroom Clearways accommodation center, nestled near Tamahere, opened its doors for the very first time.

In 2022, it expanded its offerings, embracing its role in hosting groups and events, welcoming diverse gatherings ranging from educational programs to corporate retreats and sports teams. The desire to create a harmonious blend of nature and aviation heritage led to the thoughtful naming of the six accommodation buildings: Comet, Trident, Concorde, Britannia, Viscount, and Vanguard.

From its humble beginnings as a sanctuary for aviation trainees to its present-day stature as a sought-after destination for travelers and groups alike, Clearway's journey has been marked by passion, dedication, and the spirit of hospitality.


Named After...

Comet | Trident | Concorde | Britannia
| Viscount | Vanguard.

Each building is thoughtfully named after iconic classic airliners, such as Comet, Trident, Concorde, Britannia, Viscount, and Vanguard. These names pay homage to the pioneering spirit, innovation, and elegance that defined aviation's golden era.

Common Facilites

Our Common Facilities

Modern Comforts, Shared Delights

From rejuvenating workouts in the gym to laughter-filled moments in the lounge, each space is designed to make your stay with us an experience you’ll cherish long after you depart.



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